Krewe Du Cirque Mardi Gras Society of Foley!

    Founded in 2017. Our name means “of the circus” which reflects our love of costumes, theater, music and entertainment. Chester, the Jester, is our silent founder, who shall forever remain a secret. No meeting is complete without a proper.

    Special Events

    Ain't no party like a KDC party! We have multiple events throughout the year - not just during Mardi Gras! We have a good mix of family friendly, Krewe family, and community events. Some of our most recent include our Murder Mystery Party, Roaring 20's Party, Krewe Family Cook-out, BUNCO Night, Paint Party, Family Bowling Night, Booze N Bingo, Annual Halloween Ball, Juniors Pageant, Christmas Party and last but NOT least our Mardis Gras Ball and Parade!

    Lagniappe Eggs

    A unique Krewe Du Cirque treasure sought by many! The Lagniappe Eggs are beautifully decorated by the ladies of the Krewe. The eggs are given out during our Mardi Gras parades, each to one special person selected in the crowd. The eggs are signed and dated by the Krewe member and include a special message for the recipient.

    Our Royal Court

    Royalty shall include our King, Queen, and Junior Maids of Mardi Gras. Our King and Queen are members that have met all criteria and are selected by random drawing during our Annual Halloween Ball. Our Junior Court is chosen during the Royal Pageant, which is held in January. There are 6 maids ranging from 2nd grade to age 21. Those chosen represent our Krewe for the year.

    Queen's Luncheon

    Get ready Ladies! A Kentucky Derby style luncheon to celebrate our Krewe Du Cirque Queen. Wear your Sunday dress and a big ole' hat. This will also be an event to welcome our new Junior Mardi Gras Maids.